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Termal HydroCracing & Conversion Technology

Association of High-Tech Companies «Pandjsher-Alkor» offers a new technology for processing heavy oil residues (fuel oil, tar, heavy oils) - Termal HydroCracing & Conversion Technology.

The technology is based on the traditional thermal cracking process with the addition of organic and mineral activators (oil shale, shale resin, hydrogenated fraction).

Termal HydroCracing & Conversion Technology are patented in many countries.

The main advantage of the process with the use of activators is an increase in the depth of processing of heavy oil residues to 60-70% in one cycle or up to 85-95% with recycling (compared to 49% yield without the use of an activator, but with the use of catalysts). The yield of gasoline and diesel fractions is about 4 times higher, than in traditional processing without activators under the same conditions (53-67% vs. 15%).

In comparison with existing analogues technologies (where shale oil, tetralin is used as an activator), the proposed method provides a 40% reduction in capital costs during the construction of a new plant. In addition, the technology allows for the modernization of operating equipment of existing refineries.

Termal HydroCracing & Conversion Technology was successfully tested in 2000-2001 in industrial, commercial, continuous 2-month cycle on the equipment of JSC "ANHK" in the Angarsk city.

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