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The Advantages of the Termal HydroCracing & Conversion Technology

Termal HydroCracing & Conversion Technology of processing of heavy oil fractions has a number of advantages in comparison with other technologies:

  • The speed of processes is twice higher, than in the scheme with catalytic processes;
  • Under the same conditions of processing per 1 cycle, the yield of gasoline and diesel fractions is one and a half times, than in the scheme with catalytic processes;
  • In the circuit with a recycle fraction >360°С the yield of light fractions up to 90% without the use of additional equipment;
  • Activators perform the functions of catalysts (at the same time much cheaper than them), are hydrogen donors and are processed into a marketable product as they are used;
  • The use of activators provides a partial desulfurization of light fractions obtained from raw materials;
  • The use of activators provides condemnation and removal from the reaction system a coke, asphaltenes and heavy metals.

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