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GeoVision™ Technology - Technology of Mineral Exploration

Alkor Group of Companies has been successfully developing and promoting innovative technology for prospecting and exploration of minerals resources (GeoVision™ Technology) for many years.

GeoVision™ Technology refers to the methods of remote sensing of the Earth and is a technology for the search of mineral deposits by their own subatomic radiation.

GeoVision™ Technology and equipment are patented.

Over the past two decades, using the GeoVision™ Technology, a number of oil, gas and other mineral deposits have been discovered, both in Russia and abroad. So, in 1997-1999 oil and gas bearing structures were discovered in the Arigolsky licensed area (Company "Slavneft"), and new contours of the hydrocarbon deposits at the Aneryakhsky area of ​​the Yamburg gas condensate field of Company "Gazprom" were clarified and revealed. In the years 2001-2018 we have refined the outlines and found new oil structures in Western Siberia (Companies "Sibneft" and "Russneft"), in Kalmykia, Omsk and Irkutsk regions of Russia, on land and at sea in Australia, China and other regions of the world. In addition, with the help of GeoVision™ Technology, new gold-bearing areas were discovered in Australia, Ethiopia, Mongolia.

The Chronology of search works contains more than 40 investigations.

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