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Stages of Works on GeoVision™ Technology

Stage 1. Visualization of space photographic materials.

In the basis of GeoVision™ Technology is the fundamental fact that all physical objects like an electromagnetic field have their own subatomic fields. The spectral composition and spatial distribution of the intensity of the subatomic field of a physical object depend on the chemical composition of the object, the distribution of chemical elements throughout the body and its shape.

Under certain conditions, subatomic fields of geological objects can be registered. When photographing a section of the Earth from a space satellite, a picture is captured and recorded not only the visible image of the Earth's surface, but also the invisible subatomic radiation of various geological objects on the surface and inside the Earth. In the process of special processing – visualization – this invisible subatomic image is filtered by a special filter for the desired substance and is transferred to the optical range, i.e. become visible. Special subatomic filters for oil, water, gold, diamonds and other minerals have been developed. After visualization, it is possible to obtain the distribution of promising areas of occurrence of the desired mineral in the study area, to rank them according to their prospects and to allocate areas for further detailed studies.

2 stage. Field works (field expedition).

Carrying out field works on a helicopter with the Geo-SCAN ML 1P portable on-board equipment and recording the main parameters of subatomic anomalies makes it possible to refine the spatial location of the geological object.

Complex analysis, interpretation of the obtained information and comparison with information of other geological and geophysical methods, allows to refine the contours of the desired geological objects, to reveal points of maximum intensity, recommended for drilling, give estimates of reservoir depths and estimate reservoir capacity.

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