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Advantages of GeoVision™ Technology in comparison with traditional methods of mineral prospecting.

Traditional methods (2D, 3D seismic):

- ecologically “dirty” methods. Their use is especially dangerous on the shelf: it causes a complete flora and fauna destruction in the tested regions;

- don’t allow without drilling to define deposits location and their main characteristics;

- require a great amount of searching and geo-investigational well drilling, more than appear to be a half of them are “dry”;

- are time and cost-intensive methods. Investigational period is 1-3 years.

GeoVision™ Technology:

- ecologically “clear” method;

- 5-7 times reduces the investigational period;

- defines more important deposits characteristics with about 90% exactness;

- almost eliminates “dry” drilling;

- allows to reduce considerably the expenditures on investigations and deposit exploitation. The technology investigational period is 3-6 months.

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